Netball Tots

Preschoolers - 3 & 4 Year Olds

These sessions are designed for three and four year olds not yet at school.


Through these active sessions children will be given opportunities to help them develop three of the seven areas for learning in the EYFS framework; Communication & Language, Personal, Social & Emotional Development and Physical Development as well as beginning to learn and develop netball specific skills and rules.

Physical activity in early years (0-5 years*):

- builds relationships and social skills

- maintains health & weight

- contributes to brain development & learning

- improves sleep

- develops muscles and bones

- encourages movement & co-ordination

Children aged 0-5 should be aiming to be active for at least 3 hours a day

*source Start Active, Stay Active

A typical session:

- start with a fun warm up game

 - skills practice, usually based on the footwork skill and/or passing

- an opportunity to have a go at shooting 

- a mini 'game'

- parachute play before we finish with a drink and small snack

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