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What is Bee Netball?

Bee Netball is not just a game, but a framework for children to get a great start in life through learning valuable skills including social, emotional and teamwork, all through netball.

Bees themselves amplify many of the values that netball instils; they're active, hardworking, have a real sense of belonging and that's exactly what we hope all our very own Bees are as they are introduced to our great sport!

Bee Netball is broken down in to three groups; Buzzers, Fliers and Stingers. This ensures skills are mastered at an appropriate level before being developed as they move through the programme. At Kool Kidz we offer sessions for all three age groups.

Bee Netball also has it's own philosophy, the 'Beeliefs' and we aim to bring them to life each week during our sessions.

bee proud.png

Bees are proud of their effort and love their game.

bee fair_face.png
bee fair.png

Bees play fair and treat others as they would like to be treated.

bee friendly_face.png
bee friendly.png

Bees welcome anyone who wants to play netball.

bee strong_face.png
bee strong.png

Bees are independent and determined and always try their best.

bee yourself_face.png
bee yourself.png

Bees are true to who they are and let other people be who they are.

bee together_face.png
bee together.png

Bees work for the team and support everyone.

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