Netball for boys and girls aged 4-11 years 

Our aim is to inspire young children to be active, and have a passion for sport and fitness for life. Through our fun-filled active sessions we will be introducing children to the fun world of netball. 

England Netball released its brand new U11 Framework in July 2019, Bee Netball. At Kool Kidz Netball we are using the new framework which focuses on Personal Development, Knowledge and Understanding, Social Development, Physical Literacy and Game Sense and helping to bring the Been Netball philosophy to life.

Our sessions have been renamed to reflect the different age stages of Bee Netball. We now have a Buzzers session (formerly Teenies) and a Fliers and a Stingers session (formerly High 5).

What is Bee Netball? It's not just a game, it's a framework that outlines what is achievable and appropriate for children at various stages and ages. The children learn valuable skills including social, emotional and teamwork, all through netball.


Buzzers (formerly Teenies)

For school years R - 2 (4-7 year olds)

The 'Buzzers' sessions are designed to build on the fundamentals of movement through netball. They contain lots of fun activities to introduce them to the skills required play the game, such as change of direction and change of pace, throwing, catching and pivoting, and are accessible for all participants. For more information and to see the sessions available, please click here.


Fliers (formerly High 5)

For school years 3 & 4 (7-11 year olds)

Based on the previous High 5 sessions, the Fliers are starting to develop their netball knowledge and skills. With fewer players on the court at anyone time and the opportunity to try different positions each week, this enables the participants to become more adaptable players and find 'their' position. All sessions start with a fun warm up game, then we work on specific netball skills and finish with a game. For more information and details of sessions available, please click here.

Stingers (formerly High 5)

For school years 5 & 6 (9-11 year olds)

Based on the previous High 5 sessions, Stingers are progressing their netball knowledge and skills even further and preparing for club netball, if decided, in Year 7. The session format runs the same as the Fliers session, with netball skill practices being appropriate for this age and stage of their netball development. For more information and details of sessions available, please click here.